Multi Print Settings

Multi Print Settings allow you to print multiple copies of your design in a single print. Changing the Print Multiple setting from Single Print to Multi Print enables this capability.

None of these settings have an effect unless Print Multiple is set to Multi Print.

X Row Count & Y Row Count

X and Y Row Count will allow you to set the number of rows in the X and Y axes (default: 2 each, totaling 4 copies).

Multi Print Retract Height (mm)

How high the printer nozzle should move on the Z axis before moving over to print another copy of the form, expressed in millimeters (default value: 5).

This can be helpful if your design is fragile and could be affected by the extruding clay, which will continue to flow between objects.

Multi Print Spacing

The space between each object in your multi print array, expressed in millimeters (default: 50).