Printing a Base

Optimal base settings vary from object to object, but here are some tips.

Base Layers

Printing multiple base layers gives your base a better opportunity to seal and create a solid layer. We recommend printing at least 2 layers.

Base Layer Spacing

A smaller value means a tighter fit between spiral lines. However, if your spacing is too tight, the nozzle may "rip" or "tear" through the neighboring lines, creating a rough surface.

Pausing Your Print

Your printer may have an option in its interface that allows you to pause your print. Some printers, such as the 3D Potterbot, will retract the nozzle away from your printed base layers and give you more room to work.

After printing your final base layer, you can pause your print and use pottery tools to smooth out the spiral lines. This is very difficult to do when your print is still ongoing!

The smooth surface ensures that your layers are fully adhered to each other and will create a solid base.

After unpausing, your print will proceed as normal along the rest of its path.