Base Settings

A "Base" in POTTERWARE, describes a flat, filled bottom of your object and applies to both POTTERWARE Objects and Uploaded Objects (.OBJ). These settings will be specific to your nozzle size, extrusion speed, and shape of your object.

Experimentation is necessary to achieve the best possible base. For tips, read more at Printing a Base.

If you do not print a base layer, you can keep the bottom open, attach your printed form to a slab, or even attach the form to other printed, thrown, or hand-built pieces.

Skirt Offset (1) is controlled in the Printer Settings section (learn more).

The base extends past the first layer because Scale Base (2) is set to a value greater than 1.

Base Layers

The number of base layers POTTERWARE will print (default: 0).

Scale Base

This setting determines the scale of your base relative to the bottom of your object. Increasing or decreasing this setting will fill the entire area of the bottom of the object.

A setting greater than 1 will extent beyond the bottom layer of your object, which may be useful for trimming later.

This setting only applies when a base layer is printed.

Base Layer Spacing

This setting controls the number of revolutions or “rings” in the base. A higher number creates less-dense “rings” with fewer revolutions.

The value is the distance in millimeters between base extrusions. It can range from 0-9.99 (default: 2.74). The best value is dependent upon nozzle size and extrusion speed, and should be carefully adjusted to achieve the desired effect.

The base spiral will respond to changes in the diameter of E in the forming process for POTTERWARE Objects and will also adjust when different wave types are applied.

This setting only applies when a base layer is printed.